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The 7 Principles of the Conscious Energy Field


The first principle of the conscious energy field is that it's everywhere and that it manifests itself in everything. There is a realm of pure spirit that exists beyond the field - but in terms of the reality that surrounds us and that gave rise to us, the conscious energy field is ubiquitous.

The second quality of the field is that it's holographic. We've already discussed this in a previous session. The holographic nature of the field simply means that the all of it is contained in every part of it.

Thirdly - the field is comprised of attention and intention. But attention and intention can exists on different planes. There are many different qualities of attention and intention. If your attention is always qualitatively the same, you will always summon the same quality of data from the field. And if you always summon the same quality of data, you will probably come to believe that this is the only data that's possible. You'll assume that this is the only data that exists.

Suppose you were at a party and you were having a casual conversation with a friend. The two of you are listening to each other and having a dialogue - and you don't really hear what's going on in the rest of the room. It's just a background hum. But then you become aware that somebody across the room has spoken your name. You faintly hear someone saying, "Oh, she's done this," " or He's done that." Immediately your full attention will go to the conversation. Instead of the person who's standing right next to you, you'll be preoccupied with the conversation across the room. And the background hum will be gone too, because you're so intent on summoning that highly selective bit of data into your consciousness. So the quality of our attention, and our selective awareness, controls what we summon forth from the field of infinite possibilities.

Every day we form silent agreements with the people around us about what's possible and what isn't - and out of these agreements we create our so-called reality. But it's a reality with certain well-defined limits, because our attention and intention also have well-defined limits. For example, our attention is habitually directed toward material things because we experience ourselves as material bodies. And fear comes from
this, because we think this body is who we are, and we know that one day the body is not going to be there anymore. Fear anchors and attaches us to the material plane, and we don't want to leave it. But by changing the quality of your attention, you can experience other planes of awareness. You can summon a different kind of data from the conscious energy field. This is very important for mastering Synchro Destiny - and it's also the key to banishing fear.

The fourth point - the conscious energy field manifests in different vibrations. All these vibrations can occupy the same location in space and time, yet none of them distorts or interferes with the others. The best way to develop your awareness of this is to sense the ongoing vibration in your own body. When you look at a beautiful painting, you see the object and you also feel it in your body at the same time. Make yourself aware of this. When you want to know about a person or something that's happening in your life, bring your attention to the vibrations in your own body. See how your body is responding.

There's a very simple technique that can help you tune yourself to your body's internal vibrations. You can try it right now, or you can wait until you have access to a quiet space and a few minutes of free time. To begin, close your eyes and become aware of every sound that you can possibly hear. Just tune into the sounds - feel them vibrating in your ears, even if the vibration is very slight. See if you can tune into the sounds of the street outside, or of an aeroplane passing overhead, or of someone walking across the floor in the apartment above you. Of course, these sounds are really vibrations. They're vibrations in your own body that are caused by events in the physical world.

Then, tune into the other vibrations in your body. The rhythm of your breathing. The beating of your heart. Tune into each sensation. Bring your whole awareness inside your body. This is so important because you - the real you - is awareness of vibration. You are where your awareness is, and awareness is an infinite and knowing connection with the conscious energy field.

As you become more comfortable with awareness of internal vibration, you can start to move your awareness in different places in space and also in different places in time. This is what clairvoyance really is -- just the ability to direct your attention and your awareness wherever you choose.

Right now, you could close your eyes and put your attention on the most beautiful place you've ever visited, or even on the school where you went to kindergarten or the day you first learned to ride a bicycle. There's nothing supernatural about this - it's simply a matter of attention, awareness, and intention to experience a particular setting in space and time. Because you are where your awareness is.

If your awareness is tuned into the sensations of your body, you can always use this as a direct connection with the conscious energy field. If you want to know the truth about a person or a particular situation, observe what your body's response is. An intuitive person is just someone who's highly tuned into the finest level of sensations in their own physical being.

The fifth quality of the field is that the field expresses itself through opposites. The conscious energy field creates experience through opposing energies - or at least that's our perception of it, because at the level of the field these oppositions are able to completely coexist. In the conscious energy field, a coin can be heads and tails at the same time. The distinction between a saint and a sinner doesn't exist. Both are part of the same energy field -- so at the deepest level everyone is both a saint and a sinner.

All of us are divine and diabolical at the same time. Sacred and profane at the same instant. And it's only because we contain these oppositions that our experience of life has any meaning. All experience is by contrast. You can't have hot without cold. You can't have pleasure without pain. You can't have up without down. Opposing energies create experience. Otherwise there's pure bliss, which is fine, too - pure bliss is the source of creation. But pure bliss is not an experience, as we understand it in our daily lives. In order to have experience, there has to be contrast.

Sixth, the conscious energy field is sexual - not in the narrow sense of the word, but in the sense that sexual energy is the creative energy of the universe. In most life forms that energy expresses itself only through biological creativity - through the reproduction and evolution of the species. But in human beings that creative energy has much wider range. Great poetry is derived from sexual energy in the widest sense of the term. Even the Sistine Chapel is sexual energy. Any time you feel inspired, any time you feel excited, any time you feel passionate, any time you feel enthusiastic - that's an experience of sexual energy.

There is a category of yoga that is known as tantra yoga - this is the area of knowledge that deals with getting in touch with true sexual experience. But one of the premises of tantra is that sexual energy is the creative energy of the universe --- and that any form of inspiration, passion, excitement, enthusiasm is essentially derived from this source. According to tantric doctrine, if you combine that kind of ecstatic experience with intention, you can use the power of that experience in every area of your life.

There are many more aspects of the field that we could talk about. But the seventh and final quality I want to discuss right now is the fact that field is constantly transforming and evolving - just as we as human beings are also transforming and evolving. We're all very interested now in how that evolution takes place, so we're paying extra attention to it. But even if we weren't, everything is evolving from where it is to the next level. There's no regression. It's continuously going higher. You can think of it as if we're all going up the Empire State Building and we're all in different elevators - some are starting from the basement and some are already on the 48th floor, but everyone is moving in a shared direction. So even if no one does anything, even if no one pays any attention at all, the evolutionary process is still happening.

Despite the many ways in which we try to improve ourselves materially and spiritually, the most important thing we can do to hasten our evolution is let go of the known - in other words, to relinquish the past. Otherwise we're not going to open ourselves into the unknown. The more we are ready to open ourselves to the unknown, the more likely we are to accelerate our process of evolution. And so attachment to material things is what really interferes with our on-going transformation.

Transformation is happening all the time, and there are many ways of demonstrating this. For example, you could choose something that you consider very important in your life right at this moment. Review its entry point - the time and the place when it started. Then project forward to the time when it will be absent. Accept and celebrate that transformation.

This constant transformation and evolution is occurring in every individual human consciousness just as it takes place in the larger field. Our consciousness - our souls - are always in motion, even during the ordinary activities of the day.

Sleeping, for instance, is a less evolved state of consciousness than dreaming...

Dreaming is a less evolved state than waking, although there is a special category of dreaming called lucid dreaming, which we'll discuss in a moment. But the transformation from ordinary dreaming to waking is a step toward a more evolved consciousness...

Beyond waking, there is a level of awareness in which you gain a glimpse of the silent observer that transcends your individual identity - the witness that was there before you were born and that will be there after you die.

A still higher state of consciousness is awareness of this observer even in dreams and sleep. This is lucid dreaming, in which the dreamer's participation in the dream is observed by a conscious awareness.

When this same slightly removed awareness is cultivated in waking life, consciousness has evolved to what I call the cosmic level. You are in the world but not of it...

A still higher level of transformation is God consciousness. You can see and feel the life throb of the spirit in every object of perception. You realise that everything you see and hear and touch is animated by the full power and wisdom of the universe. This is the level of consciousness that generates synchronicity. It's very important to recognise and cultivate it within yourself.

And the last state is unity consciousness. Where the spirit within you not only perceives but merges with the larger spirit - become one with it. This is where there's instant manifestation of thought into matter. In unity consciousness, there's spontaneous fulfilment of every desire.

So those are the seven qualities of the conscious energy field that I want to emphasise right now.

The field is everywhere and in everything. It's omnipresent.

The field is holographic,

The field is made up of attention and intention.

The field manifests in different vibrations.

The field expresses itself through opposites.

The field is sexual in the sense that all creativity and inspiration is sexual.

And finally, the field is constantly evolving and transforming, just as the consciousness of every human being is evolving and transforming.








































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