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Core Process Psychotherapy

Core Process is an integrative form of psychotherapy which draws on Buddhist and western teachings. As with most forms of psychotherapy, Core Process Psychotherapy is a one to one form, with privacy, confidentiality, and client safety being paramount.  It is generally but not necessarily medium to long term it nature.

It's roots are perhaps found to be deepest within Buddhist teachings, (Dharma). The four noble truths and many other Buddhist teachings are a tenant of this form of psychotherapy. Core Process is best described as being a contemplative approach to psychotherapy which draws on and is based within a Dharmic framework.

It's purpose is to look at and work with how we are now, in this very moment, how we express past conditioning as feelings, actions and thoughts. In doing this we can transform our relationship to suffering in order to have a greater and deeper understanding of our relationship with life in the present moment.

The basics behind this therapeutic approach are that we can connect with our innate or intrinsic health: We already have everything we need to flourish as human beings.

You may feel blocked or weighed down by past conditioning or trauma(s) which restrict engaging with life in the moment. Core Process psychotherapeutic work can help us to free ourselves from what holds us back. This work can help develop practical skills for self-listening which will be invaluable long after the therapy may have stopped.

Core process psychotherapy provides an opportunity to work with the depth of our existence and explore our own processes which influence and condition both who we are and how we are in the present moment.

For example, when working with early life experience which many may consider as regression, Core Process works with this as an experience in the present moment which is how we are now, a conditioned self. We are all conditioned by past experiences, both good and bad. By doing this within the context of the present moment core process brings a deeper awareness and an opportunity to transform this life conditioning and become our true selves.

As with many psychospiritual forms of psychotherapy, Core Process Psychotherapy (CPP) looks at both cognitive, energetic, and physical being, it provides an opportunity to work on the many levels of our existence, avoiding fixating on particular aspects but encompassing all.

By looking at ourselves from all aspects we can come to accept, understand, and move on with a deeper understanding of "self".

Perhaps most importantly CPP works with bringing true awareness to the client,  enabling acceptance and understanding to grow without remaining trapped by past experience. Letting go of but not loosing suffering in the past, present and future.

On a simple level one may experience an event as very difficult and painful, yet that same experience could become a pleasure at another time, from a different perspective, yet we may perceive the experience as the same.

Although much of it's bases is rooted within Buddhism, it is not a "religious" form of therapy. It is a balance between cognitive analytical process informed by Freud, Jung, Pavlov, Winnicott, Perls and many others, as well as the spiritual teachings and philosophies of the east.

The name perhaps best describes its form.

Core - A place of intrinsic health - The unconditioned self.

Process - The way we are in the moment, how we respond and react to our world from both our conditioned self and the unconditioned self, is our process.

Core Process Psychotherapy sessions are generally one hour long and cost between 35 and 65 per session. There is also pre accreditation body of Karuna students offering sessions at reduced rates. Core Process Psychotherapist search at Metta is Here

For new clients, it is generally recommend that there are around 6 initial sessions, at the end of this initial period the client and therapist review the work and decide whether to work longer-term. Core process work is most effective when continued for a year or more - Lasting change usually takes time to achieve and consolidate.

For more information about Core Process Psychotherapy contact the Karuna Institute.

The Karuna Institute offers professional training in Core Process Psychotherapy and is a member of UKCP. The Core Process Psychotherapy professional training is also a MA validated course validated by Middlesex University.

Core Process Psychotherapist search is Here


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